Lemon Diet As an Effective Detox

Lemon diet is one popular way of detoxifying your body. Lemon diet is often also called the Master Cleanse diet that considered the most effective cleanse toxins from our bodies because the nutrient content in the lemon can stimulate the liver to toxic buildup erodes, so there was cleaning the digestive organs.

Lemon diet is so popular because in addition to easy to do, many people have already proved this diet can be an effective detox diet lose weight at the same time, so sometimes misconstrued as a lemon diet to burn fat in the body. When in fact that is cleaned toxins which if left unchecked would disrupt the body’s metabolism. So the body organs like the liver, stomach, kidney, and so returned clean and can carry out their duties properly.

Lemon diet is actually not lose weight overnight. But precisely this diet for many demanding high-protein food nutrition. But it is with this diet, people eat so much more to keep intake and stop eating unhealthy foods. So weight loss is actually happening because when dieting diet improvements.

For this diet, first you must reduce the intake of unhealthy foods. Avoid highly processed foods such as processed meats, canned foods, and so forth. Because these foods contain many additives. Try to reduce consumption sugar, salt, and alcohol in the diet. Consumption of healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables and drinking water multiply.

You can drink a large glass of water with lemon added early in the morning, then follow with a large glass of water every hour. After doing this detox lemon diet for 10 days, the body feels more fresh and light.

Dietary intake of 6-12 glasses of lemon suggest lemon juice daily. Twelve glasses of lemon juice contains 1300 calories. But during this diet, you still need to consume protein sources, minerals and other nutrients. You who have ulcer disease should never run this diet. Consult with your doctor first before doing so.

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