Sour Lemons – So Sweet for Your Health

Sure, we think of lemons in the summer – lemonade! – or in some of our favorite dishes, or even in candles.  But the fruit of the poor lemon is not only used for cooking, and lemons are processed into many useful substances such as lemon extract, lemon oil, and lemon juice. The lemon’s uses are even more varied than the forms of lemon you can buy.  Let’s look at some of the main health benefits of our sour friend, the lemon.

Immune System

Since ancient times lemons have been used as boosters for the immune system. Nutrients within lemons are known for helping the body fight off a number or viral diseases. Vitamin C – yes, not just in orange juice – is a powerful and natural antiviral that eradicates a great number of viruses while promoting a speedy recovery. This yellow tough-skinned fruit is a great antioxidant as well, containing several agents which reduce infection risk.

Skin Treatment

Use of lemons in cosmetic treatments is common. Numerous clinical tests show that the citric acid contained in lemons is extremely effective when it come to treating various skin diseases, including black heads and acne. Citric acid is an ingredient in many skin care products. These products are ideal for people suffering from overly-oily skin and congested pores, as well as for skin with enlarged pores. Many teenagers use lemon to clean their skin and to remove a shiny, oily sheen. It is also very good for treating Eczema.


Eating lemon is recommended for people with digestion problems. As a digestive aid, it helps to dissolve and break down fat and other food. At the same time, it acts as a great liver cleanser (detox). When the digestive tract is clear and the liver in cleansed, the body can process food with less effort and in less time. So, lemons boost metabolism, and an increase in metabolism provides you with more energy and helps also helps you drop some pounds.

Not only is proper digestion important for promoting weight loss, but when digestion is optimal, bowel movements become easier as well.  Nutrient absorption also increases. Therefore, lemons are recommended for people suffering from constipation.

Blood Pressure Control

Lemons can normalize blood pressure and are often recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Nausea and dizziness are symptoms that can develop from high blood pressure and the regular use of lemon can help to alleviate those symptoms.  In addition, high cholesterol can be controlled by regularly eating foods containing lemon.

Cooling Agent

Did you know that lemon can be used as a cooling agent for the skin? It relieves the burning sensation and helps people with sun and other minor burns. Note that serious burns require professional medical treatment.

So the sour lemon isn’t really so sour after all! Next time you enjoy a gourmet lemon salmon meal or a summer lemonade, remember the very sweet qualities of this bright and yellow fruit.

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