Lemon Diet for Boosting Weight Loss

Want to lose weight and boost your health at the same time?  Have that summer goal of fitting into your “summer” jeans? Well, look to the humble lemon!

Yes, celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Heidi Klum incorporate lemons into their diet to help them stay trim and eye-catching, and get that healthy glow we all like.  But why let them have all the fun?  Lemons and the healthy citric acid they contain can increase your vitality, help decrease toxins, and as a result help you shed that extra weight and give you a boost in your own glow.

Results can be seen quickly, too – you should see results in only 7 days, and you will feel brighter, lighter, with more energy – and maybe even lose a jean size.

The removing of toxins from your body and boosting your digestive system is important before you start a new diet.  Detoxifying doesn’t mean starving, however, because starving makes your body think it needs to “hold onto” its reserves instead of using them (and losing weight in the process).  So emphasize natural foods and lots of fluids during the day, as both will help flush your system of toxins and ready it for the energy of accessing those extra reserves more comfortably.

A great way to add those fluids is by drinking this Spicy Lemonade  (best at room temperature).  Here’s the recipe below:

2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice (organic is best)

10 oz filtered water

One stick cinnamon

Pinch Cayenne pepper

Stevia to taste (1 packet is usually enough)

In the next week, you should start each day with a glass of your Spicy Lemonade and another glass before going to bed.  Of course, a lemon diet doesn’t mean that we can still indulge in junk food, so try to grill instead of fry, have lots of steamed vegetables and indulge your sweet tooth with moderate amounts of fresh fruit.  Your body – and your jeans – will both start “fitting” better!


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