Revitalize Your Body With Lemon Diet Solutions

Lemons are not only tasty additions to our diets, but they balance our foods as well.  In food folklore, the addition of lemon supposedly balances the potentially toxic nature of spicy and oil laden foods.  This is especially useful for our modern diets and lifestyles which tend to make people prefer foods which turn acidic and can be hazardous to our health.

Fortunately, our modern desires for health and fitness are benefited by a balanced diet and a regular detox regimen. Lemon and lemon products can be a part of that and aid in cleansing our systems of toxic build-ups.

The addition of lemon helps trigger the breakdown of from the body. Because lemon is readily available and inexpensive, it can be easily added with other fruits and vegetables for each meal in the form of salads, juices and snacks.

For a refreshing pick-me-up, lemon juice added to water helps to activate the metabolism in the morning (try sweetening with a few drops of liquid Stevia for a quick and light lemon-water).  Or, have a blended juice mix of cucumber, celery, green vegetables and lemon to boost your energy during the day. For a warm savory change, try making a soup of avocado paste, cucumber, spring onions, green and red bell pepper, spinach and garlic with a dash of lemon juice – invigorating, light, refreshing, and can trigger your body to shed weight throughout the day.

For an afternoon snack, you can appease your appetite by trying a mix made of steamed vegetables mixed with chilled olive oil, lemon juice and lemon rind.

In the evening, a dinner of with steamed vegetables mixed in chili, lime sauce and rice is bright, spicy, and low carb – great for weight loss.

For a sweet pungent tonic, mix lemon juice, maple syrup, and pepper with purified water to help release toxins from the body and break down fat.

Lemon in our diet helps add wonderfully beneficial citric acid. Lemons not only enhance flavor, but also brighten our days and break the monotony of detoxification and dieting.


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