So Let Them Eat Cake!

No doubt, you have heard it said that your wedding day “belongs to the bride!” Every detail, from who is invited to the actual invitations, from wedding gown to reception, is tied together and showcased by the bride in her own special theme for the day, and this includes the wedding cake.

Once upon a time the traditional wedding cake was simply white with figurines of a bride and groom perched on top.  Times have changed.  Bright bold colors, non-traditional shapes, different fonts and long messages are things used by the baker to make today’s wedding cakes unique, incorporating personal one of a kind details into the design which becomes meaningful to the wedding couple.

It is now a fashionable trend to include bold colors, black and white design, emblems, and calligraphic writing with perhaps the couple’s wedding vows or favorite poem.  Maybe the entire cake is covered with a pattern such as scroll work, lace patterns or light and delicate Swiss dots.

A tradition in the south for years, groom’s cakes are now gaining popularity nationwide.  These cakes are made in unconventional shapes representing one of the groom’s favorite things.  Maybe it’s his car or tennis racket, his computer or golf clubs, or even his pet dog.  Sometimes the shapes can be slightly “naughty.”  Regardless of the choice, it will showcase the groom’s personality and interest.  Many times the bride will select a design and surprise her future husband at the reception. Either way, the groom’s cake will be a unique and creative work of art that you can eat!

The main wedding cake will find its inspiration from the bride and most likely from her accessories and even bridal gown.  Lace or embroidery matching the bride’s dress will be reproduced with frosting on the cake with painstaking detail.  Sometimes the bridal jewelry set will be matched.  I have seen a cake decorated with a shimmering metallic look made to match the sparkling crystals of the couple’s Swarovski jewelry.  Pearl jewelry sets are reproduced by the baker with a series of patterns created from hundreds of “edible pearls.”

Regardless of the design, the best part is the fact that once done, you can eat it!  I bet many groom’s find the planning and tasting or testing of the samples prior to ordering the cake to be the best part of his wedding planning experience!  A wedding cake should be as delicious as it is delightful to behold.  The classic traditional cake is white, although chocolate is an absolute favorite.  But let us not forget the aromatic, delicious “zing” of a light lemon cake!  Speaking of fruit, fruit fillings are an option that is quite tasty.  Many prefer the traditional raspberry filling, but the bolder and more adventurous couple might select an exotic tropical fruit such as mango.  Don’t rush it!  You’ll want to sample all the unique flavor options.  Yummy!
Your creativity in planning your cake has no limits and your baker will provide you with any guidance you might require.  Can’t decide?  Why not serve multiple cakes?  This popular new trend lets couples enjoy an array of various cakes presented on one table, or a cake might be place on every reception table.  You can delight and impress your friends and guests with wonderful little mini cakes offered at every place setting.  Whichever choice you make, you will not go wrong – after all, who doesn’t love cake?

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