The Rejuvenating Effects of Lemons in Your Diet

Lemons are known for their naturally high levels of citric acid – a nutrient believed to boost immune levels.  Those who enjoy its benefits see their skin begin to glow from within.  Blemishes can dull, fade, or even vanish.  Even the scalp benefits, with a reduction in dandruff which may also reduce hair loss.

Lemons in the diet help cleanse the entire system, helping to detox toxins from glands and cells which are impacted by our modern sedentary lifestyle as well as medications, smoking and alcohol (though reducing both of the latter will also have an immediate and long-lasting benefit, of course).  A ripple effect from our cores can be seen in the improvement of kidney function, diet, and all-around blood purification.  With the resultant increased general health and less taxing toxins, some people have even seen a reduction in their allergies.  Some individuals see a lowered blood pressure (from less irritation and inflammation of the blood vessels), which may have the effect of improving joint function and speed healing from cramps and sprains.

Lemons, their juice, pulp and aromatic oils are known for their natural antibiotic effects and of course pest repellent properties (“Citronella” is citrus based, of course).  And, because of the reduction in inflammation, bites and stings are reduced (and because it’s a natural repellent – fewer of them will bite in the first place!).

The entire digestive system seems to truly benefit from lemons’ cleansing effects, especially the colon.  Some people, though, may be sensitive to the naturally occurring oils and compounds in lemons, so if you find increased indigestion, constipation, acid or pain – do contact your dietitian to see if it may be related.

Of course, organic lemons are the best source for citric acid. Artificial fertilizers may make for higher yields, but not necessarily better ones.  Some minerals in artificial fertilizers may build up in fat and bones – and although the effects may not be immediately obvious, avoiding long-term adverse effects are worth the extra efforts now (and far better for the planet).

So, go for that lemonade (sweetened with Stevia for a no-calorie refreshing drink), drizzle lemon juice on fish, salad, on your Mexican dishes, a cooling lemon sorbet…. Though we might not go so far as saying that lemon meringue pie is actually “healthy,” we can at least vouch for the lemons in it!



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