Who Needs Bleach When You Have Lemon Juice?

What would you say if I told you that there’s a cleaning product that’s safe and all natural, cleans, disinfects and deodorizes, and doesn’t cost a fortune?

You probably wouldn’t believe me.

Well, you definitely won’t believe me when I tell you that you may have it hidden in the door of your refrigerator.

What’s this magical cleaning product? It’s plain old lemon juice.

You can use lemon juice instead of bleach to clean your house safely and effectively. In fact, you can use it in places you wouldn’t consider putting bleach.

When you taste lemon juice, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a strong acid. The beauty of an acid is that they dissolve things water can’t. That includes dirt and also parts of bacteria vital to survival. Cleaning with the power of lemons not only removes dirt, it also disinfects to keep your family safe.

You can mix lemon juice with water and put it in a squirt bottle. You can use it instead of your all purpose cleaner to scrub the kitchen, bathroom, and even clean walls and floors. For extra cleaning power, add a little baking soda and borax. Just be sure to test an inconspicuous area ahead of time to prevent staining. Also, remember that borax is toxic if ingested, so be careful where you spray.

Instead of adding bleach to your whites, add lemon juice instead. You can use mix lemon juice with cream of tartar and rub into stains. After washing, hang your clothes in the sun to dry and you’ll see how white your laundry can be without the smell and dangers of bleach. Plus, you can use the same mixture on your colors. Just don’t leave them out in the sun to dry.

Have you noticed lately that most disinfecting products have an alternative version that smells like lemons? That’s because lemons naturally have a fresh, clean scent. Instead of cleaning with lemon scented chemicals, why not try getting your fresh lemon scented kitchen from actual lemons.

Many people aren’t so happy about cleaning with sponges. And with good reason — sponges trap all the nasty dirt and bacteria and keep in around for the next time you clean. Plus, they’re a pain to clean. Next time you clean, ditch the sponge and cleaner and pull out a fresh lemon. It’s easy to hold, packed full of cleaning power, and can be thrown away when you’re done.

Not happy with a product that just cleans your house and makes it smell great? Lemon juice can also be used to polish, shine, and remove tarnish from the copper, chrome, and other metals in your house. All you do is add a little salt or baking soda to a freshly cut lemon and rub it onto the metal’s surface.

For added cleaning power, lemon juice can be mixed with other natural cleaners. We’ve already said that borax and baking soda can help boost your all purpose cleaner. Try mixing lemon juice with baking soda to make a great drain cleaner. It works as well as vinegar and baking soda, but leaves that lemony scent.

These are just a few of the many uses of this powerful cleaner. It’s a great way to leave you house looking and smelling great. It also is good for the environment and your family!

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