Is The Lemon Detox Diet Really Worth It?

One of the latest crazes is the lemon detox diet, and often times when anyone hears about a new diet they will rush out and give it a go without even checking the basics or the underlying theory of the diet itself. Nevertheless the fact that you may be looking to detox is certainly a good thing in itself.

The popularity of detox diets has increased of late, based upon the fact that many believe the food and drinks that we consume in modern day times is not really comparable with foodstuffs and consumable products of the past. This includes the addition of chemically enhanced flavorants, colorants and the like, which is held within the reported negative effects of dyes contained within foods and drinks such as that of Sudan Red, which created somewhat of a stir a couple of years back when millions of products were recalled and pulled off retailers’ shelves. Although this was an isolated example there are a number of issues that come into play motivating people to consider detoxification with the lemon detox diet, among others.

The foundation of the lemon detox diet lies within a number of traits of the underlying ingredients found within the specific diet. However there are two key focus areas with this specific diet being that of detox and weight loss, allowing for a dual approach in healthy living. Personal research reveals that the lemon detox diet primarily consists of freshly squeezed lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and palm tree syrup; which in turn reveals the truly natural make up of the diet. Lemons are a well-known constituent of anyone’s intake of specifically vitamin C, amongst other value added vitamins; whilst water has certainly always had a great reputation in hydrating the body and flushing out the build up of unwanted free radicals and other potentially damaging items within our bodies. The cayenne pepper is also rich in a number of vitamins, especially vitamin A as well as potassium and manganese and therefore a value-added ingredient of the lemon detox diet. The specific diet is largely focused upon the intake of the mentioned liquids and ingredients and aims to increase metabolism and cleanse the body from within.

As with many other diets the lemon detox diet has become immensely popular with many folks expecting miracle results overnight. This may not necessarily be the case, however a little common sense and analysis of the above described ingredients suggests that the intake of these ingredients would in all likelihood provide excellent benefits, based upon the fact that there are natural ingredients and not chemically formulated or manufactured. However when one is uncertain about a specific diet or dietary product it may well be worth your while to consult with your physician or nutritionist, especially if you have any possible existing conditions or concerns regarding such a diet. Many claims are made on a day-to-day basis regarding the latest crazes and fads, however if you feel that the lemon detox diet may be right for you then perhaps give it a try from an informed perspective.

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