A Further Look On Lemon Detox During 3 Day Detoxification

We have previously covered the Master Cleanse or simply the Lemon Detox diet as part of our recommended 3 day detox programs and it’s received a great amount of views and feedback since the first launch. So I thought why not cover it again (this time a bit deeper) by also tackling a few drawbacks of Lemon Detox so that we can weigh whether it works for us or not in the latter areas.

So lemon detox, as explained by various detox and cleansing programs, is one of the best and inexpensive detox diets available worldwide for several reasons. First, it’s 100% organic and therefore perfect for natural detox methods. Second, it is inexpensive as its main ingredients are lemons and water and third, because it’s a diet, it works systematically by itself by affecting all the other organs in the body and allowing them to portray their detox potential in every system as they get healed and revitalized in the process.

What Are The Drawbacks?

We for instance have to accept the fact that all side effects are ‘normal’ part of the detox adjustment stages – some are pleasant, some are not as we progress. Another thing is urgency of repeated release of bowels per day. It’s quite not normal to think that we are actually releasing a lot without us eating any solid food but it’s how the body releases the toxins that are stuck in our system for years. Again, tolerable for some and weakening for others but without the dehydration.

Lastly, lemon detox can also cause dizziness during the fasting caused by the reduction of calorie intake and not taking any solid food. One good precaution when undergoing a lemon detox is to preventing doing stressful activities like driving a car or working out too so we don’t endanger ourselves for the worse.

We have the freedom to choose whether or not to go through with lemon detox over 10 days or just pursue it over 3 day detox at all. What matters is how we can pursue and accomplish a mission in the long term.

To help lemon detox be more effective, start with body discipline. Get enough rest, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, exercise and live a happy, positive life. Don’t get depressed if you’re overweight or you’ve never achieved successful results yet. Your body needs to regenerate first! So start your healthy lifestyle and retain it. That’s how you’re going to teach your body to detox itself!

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